Sunday, 27 November 2011

Chocolat - Syndrome

I just stumbled onto this track digging through some charts from earlier in the year. It made a brief appearance on the charts in September, but to be honest I've never heard it out 'in the field', so to speak. Which surprises me becuase it's got a catchy chorus and the lead singer is... pretty fucking hot, to say the least.

Sistar - So Cool

Easily the best song of this autumn. I'm pretty weirded out by the dance choreography, I don't really understand it. But this song has gets you with its catchy chorus.

Orange Caramel - Shanghai Romance

Honestly watch this and tell me some melodic fragment is not stuck repeating itself in your brain. Honestly. Love how poppy and clean this track sounds.

Kara - Step

So I'm posting two new tracks from my favourite K pop group. Enjoy the Kara.

Kara - Jumping

Huge in Japan right now, making Japanese versions of all their songs. This is the K original. Enjoy.