Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Sistar - Shady Girl

IU - Meddling

Strangely enough there's no music video to this song that I can find, so you'll have to stare at that picture, which is not too bad really, r you could continue to browse porn in another tab.

Miss A - Bad Girl, Good Girl

I could listen to this on mute all day.

Girls Generation - Kissing You

This song may be pretty mediocre, but hey, what's wrong with a man staring at this video, perhaps closing his eyes for a moment or two, and dreaming, believing, that they're singing about him...

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Kara - Wanna

I don't know what it is about K-pop songwriters and their inability to write verses... but hey, this video is not explainable either. And for the bridge lets just notch the pitch up half a step! Woohoo!

Girls Generation - Gee

Is it just me or do the lyrics sound really fucking peculiar?
Still, I would take this song the fuck out back and get it pregnant.

Kara (카라) - Rock U

What the fuck was the video director thinking here exactly?
This is probably the worst video I've ever seen. Maybe the producers are trying to distract us from how terrible the song actually is. Only Jesus knows now.

Wondergirls - So Hot

Wondergirls - Tell Me

A noteworthy element in this awesome song are the lazer *pew* *pew* sounds. They rule. As they do in that Davichi song.

Tiara - Like the First Time (티아라 - 처음처럼

Here for your enjoyment is the hottest K-pop song of all time.

Davichi - My Man