Monday, 25 April 2011

Orange Caramel - Bangkok City

Another winning! moment from those Nordic songwriters. They know their shit those pale motherfuckers. Another track getting heavy play in the clubs.

KARA - Jet Coaster Love

Guess what!? Kara didn't break up! After they tried to terminate contract with their management company, some Japanese companies eagerly stepped in to offer them a better deal. Being shit scared of all this, their management gave them lots of money and reconciled their differences. Also the law suit lost steam after two of the girls realised they had no idea what the suit was about in the first place and simply gave it up.

It's all good in the hood. Because this track is hot off the press.

Dal Shabet - Pink Rocket

Like particle physics, the way they choose to name some of these groups is something quite beyond me. Nevertheless this is the groups first decent song. Don't know what a pink rocket is, suppose I could hazard a guess, but I'm not a vulgar man so I won't.

No Swedish songwriters here. I don't know why these groups still insist on the obligatory rap break down. I don't understand this trend, it's been around kpop since the 90's! Don't know why they can't see how uncool and dated it sounds.

4Minute - Mirror Mirror

They must have these Swedish songwriters working in shifts. You can hear the Euro dance coming through strongly on this one. This has been coming up in the clubs here too. Excellent video production as well!